It truly is made with love and gloves!

Over the years, Celeste has loved cooking and creating in the kitchen. She’s known to her family and friends as the perfect hostess and cook creating delicious and exciting dishes for the holidays and birthdays. One of Celeste’s signature creations is her Jalapeno Relish. For years she made it for gifts and just for the fun of giving. Celeste’s friends encouraged her to market it, exclaiming “It’s the best, anywhere!”

So, in 2013 Celeste started the dream adventure of creating her relish for everyone to enjoy. She worked to perfect larger batches of her homemade relish for consistent quality and taste, discovering the right jars and lids, designing the label, conducting taste testing for the perfect mix of ingredients. …. Add MORE And now you can find Celeste’s Hot! But oh so Sweet! Jalapeno Relish at farmers markets, trendy food stores, on-line via her website or Facebook.

There are 2 versions of the relish, the original “Hot but Sweet” and the other favorite, “Extra Hot”. Both start with a nice sweet relish taste and then, wait for it… a little kick at the end. The “Extra Hot” has a little more kick with 2x the amount of hot peppers.

Celeste’s Hot but Sweet Relish is a perfect topping for hotdogs, hamburgers; mix with cream cheese and serve on crackers; others exclaim its best with your favorite sandwich like salmon or tuna or even egg salad. What’s your favorite way of serving Celeste’s Hot but Sweet Relish? Let us know.